Our team spends most of our time making masks, helmets, costumes and props from the favorite movies, games, cartoons.

In our team we have a professional 3d modeler, who can create unique 3d model for you, it can be all kinds of cosplay mask, helmet, weapons, props.

Some of our works we print on our modern 3d printers and some of our works are handmade items. We have 14 - 3d printers ready to make your orders fast and in high quality!

Then we Making all kind of Mold & Casting. All projects needs a lot of sanding all the details, priming and putty then our professional artist paints everything by hands with love.

After that we spray 2k automotive clear coat (it give best protect and shiny). And finally we packing everything with care then shipping your product.

We can make all kind of Cosplay costume, or helmet or mask from the famous movie or whatever you wish, it can be absolutely exclusive and also we have a lot ready made 3d models of different popular helmets, masks, armor, weapons.


We are thankful to our customers from all over the world! Who share our creativity. We will not disappoint you in our products quality. You give us the power to create more and better ❤️

With all our love ❤️❤️❤️

Kind regards,

Team 3dplanetprops