Cosplay the Symbiote Way: Discover Symbiote Mask Collection by 3D Planet Props!

Cosplay is all about transformation, and nothing embodies the dark allure of transformation quite like symbiotes. These otherworldly, shape-shifting beings have captured the imaginations of cosplayers worldwide.

Venom and Toxin Cosplay

Today, we invite you to explore our Symbiote Mask Collection, a spine-chilling lineup of masks that will allow you to step into the shoes (or tendrils) of these iconic characters.

Venom Mask (Gloss and Matte)

Venom Cosplay Mask

First up is the legendary Venom Mask, available in both gloss and matte finishes. This iconic mask captures the essence of the infamous symbiote, with its signature sinister grin.

 Venom Mask

Choose the glossy version for an eye-catching shine or the matte finish for a more subdued, comic-inspired look. Whichever you choose, you'll become the embodiment of chaos and darkness.

Carnage Helmet-Mask

Carnage Helmet-Mask

For those who prefer chaos with a dash of insanity, our Carnage Helmet-Mask is a must-have. Transform into the bloodthirsty Carnage, with its wild tendrils and terrifying visage.

Carnage mask-helmet

This cosplay mask-helmet is a work of art, meticulously crafted to capture the unhinged essence of the character. It's perfect for those who embrace the madness of the symbiote.

Toxin Mask-Helmet

Toxin mask

The Toxin Mask-Helmet takes symbiote cosplay to the next level. As the offspring of Carnage, Toxin combines the best of both worlds: heroism and symbiote power.

Toxin helmet-mask

This mask features intricate detailing and a menacing design that will leave a lasting impression at any cosplay event. Embrace the duality of good and evil with this exceptional piece.

AntiVenom Mask-Helmet

AntiVenom mask-helmet

Lastly, we have the AntiVenom Mask-Helmet, a unique fusion of symbiote and anti-hero. This mask exudes an otherworldly, white-hot energy and captures the essence of the AntiVenom character.

Antivenom mask

With its striking design and attention to detail, it's a mask that's sure to stand out in any cosplay lineup.

Explore Our Symbiote Mask Collection Today

Venom and Toxin

Ready to embrace the dark side of cosplay? Explore our Cosplay Mask Collection and choose your symbiote alter ego.

Whether you're attending conventions, filming fan films, or simply displaying them as works of art, our masks are designed to exceed your expectations.

Venom Mask

Join the Symbiote Revolution - Get Yours Today!


  1. Where can I find Symbiote masks?
    • Visit 3D Planet Props online-shop and select the mask that speaks to you. Ordering is easy, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.
  2. Are these masks comfortable to wear for extended periods?

    • Yes, our masks are designed for comfort during long cosplay sessions, ensuring you can enjoy the symbiote experience without discomfort.

  3. What materials are these symbiote masks made from?
    • Our masks are made from high-quality BIO PLA to ensure both visual accuracy and durability.

  4. Can I request customizations for my mask?
    • At 3D Planet Props, we offer customization options. Reach out to us, and we'll work with you to create a unique symbiote mask.

  5. Can these masks be used for cosplay events and conventions?
    • Absolutely! Our masks are crafted with cosplay in mind and are perfect for events, conventions, or adding to your collection.

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